• Eligibility for a Dividend

    • What are the eligibility requirements for the dividend program?

      To be eligible for a PFD, you must have been an Alaska resident for the entire calendar year preceding the date you apply for a dividend and intend to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely at the time you apply for a dividend. There are other criteria for eligibility under Alaska Statute 43.23.005 and AS 43.23.008.

    • How do I establish Residency?

      For steps to establish residency ...
      Establishing Residency

    • What is the ‘qualifying year’ for the dividend program?

      The ‘qualifying year’ is the calendar year preceding the year an individual applies for a current year dividend. For example, for a person who is applying for a dividend in 2015, the qualifying year is 2014. Eligibility for the dividend program is determined by an individual’s residency activity during the qualifying year.

    • Is a child who is born or adopted during the qualifying year eligible for a dividend?

      Yes, as long as he or she has an eligible Alaska resident sponsor and is otherwise eligible.

    • Is a child eligible for a dividend if the sponsor is not eligible?

      No, a child must have an eligible sponsor.

    • Are resident aliens and aliens granted refugee or asylee status eligible for a dividend?

      Yes, if he or she received conditional or permanent status, refugee or asylee status before January 1 of the qualifying year and is otherwise eligible. If you started the application process to convert to conditional or permanent status, you may be eligible. Contact us for more information if you are a non-resident of the United States and have questions about your status as it relates to the dividend program.

    • How long can I be out of Alaska on an absence and still be eligible for a dividend?

      It varies depending on why you are absent. If you are absent for a reason specifically allowed by law you could be out of Alaska for the entire qualifying period and still be eligible. If you are absent for more than 180 days for a reason other than one specifically listed in Alaska Statute 43.23.008(a), you will not be eligible for a dividend. If you have not taken any action inconsistent with an intent to return to Alaska to remain indefinitely, absences of 180 days or less allow you to retain eligibility. Regardless of why you are absent, at all times during your absence you must demonstrate intent to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely. In addition, you must return to Alaska for at least 72 consecutive hours every two years and 30 cumulative days every five years to retain your eligibility. You will be required to provide proof of your returns to Alaska. Save your boarding passes or any other proof for you and your dependents.

    • Can I accompany my spouse on an allowable absence and still be eligible for a dividend?

      Yes, you may accompany your spouse on an allowable absence but you must be otherwise eligible for a dividend. Your spouse must be eligible for a dividend in order for you to receive a dividend.

    • Is my deceased family member or friend eligible for a dividend this year?

      An Estate Application can be filed by an Estate representative if the applicant:

      • died during the qualifying year after having been a state resident for at least 180 days (died between June 30 and December 31, 2014);
      • was otherwise eligible for the current year dividend and;
      • received a 2013 dividend


      • died during the application period (January 1 through March 31);
      • had not already applied for the current year dividend and;
      • was otherwise eligible.

      The personal representative of the estate must provide a copy of an affidavit or will naming them the authorized representative of the estate and a copy of the adult’s death certificate with the application. Contact us for more information and to request an Estate application. The Estate application must be filed by March 31 of the year following the dividend year.

    • Am I eligible for a dividend if I was convicted or incarcerated for a crime?

      You are not eligible for a dividend if during the qualifying year you were:
        - sentenced as a result of a conviction of a felony;
        - incarcerated as a result of a conviction of a felony;
        - incarcerated as a result of a conviction of a misdemeanor if you were convicted of a prior felony after 12/31/96;
        - incarcerated as a result of a conviction of a misdemeanor and were convicted of two or more prior misdemeanors after 12/31/96.

  • Applying for a Dividend

    • Do I have to apply every year for a dividend?

      Yes, the application period is January 1 through March 31 every year.

    • When is the dividend application period?

      The application period is January 1 through March 31 of the year for which you are applying. Applications filed after March 31 will be denied by law as late applications.

    • What is the deadline for applying for a dividend?

      The deadline is March 31 of the year for which you are applying. There are some exceptions to the deadline. If you are disabled, filing for a person who died during the application period, or a military member who was receiving hostile fire or imminent danger pay during the application period, contact us for more information about these exceptions.

    • How do I apply online?

      Between January 1 and March 31, click on “File your 2015 online Application Here” on our home page and select one of the Apply Online options. You can file using the Signature Page option or you can electronically sign your application. Select how you would like to file and follow the instructions. Your application is not considered received until the application is assigned a Confirmation Number.

      Anyone can file online. First time filers must use the Signature Page option. Adults who have received a PFD in the prior year can establish a myAlaska account and electronically sign you and your child’s PFD applications. Establishing a myAlaska account alone is not considered filing an application. Follow the online instructions and keep a copy of the Confirmation Number for each application you file online.

    • How do I get an application booklet? I did not receive one in the mail.

      Applications are available between January 1 and March 31. Applicants can apply online, or visit one of the designated distribution centers to pick up forms and an informative pamphlet for first time filers. Contact us if you have questions.

    • How do I know that my application was received by the PFD Division?

      If you are applying online, you will receive immediate confirmation that your application was received by the PFD Division. All applicants can check the status of their application by logging on to the division's "myPFDinfo". If you apply by paper, allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing before checking the status of your application.

    • What do I do if this is the first time I am applying for a dividend?

      You can file online using the Signature Page option or by submitting a paper application. You will be required to submit an original birth certificate, passport or naturalization certificate, and other required information as requested from the PFD Division after we receive your application. If you do not have a certified birth certificate, go to vitalchek.com for information about ordering one. We will not accept a photocopy or hospital certificate.

    • Will my certified birth certificate, passport or naturalization certificate be returned after I apply?

      Yes. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope. We return all birth certificates, passports and naturalization certificates promptly after receiving applications. If you submit your application and documents at your local dividend information office, we will photocopy your document and return it to you while you are in the office.

    • If I did not apply for a prior year for myself, can I apply now?

      You can apply for a prior year dividend; however, the application will be denied as a late application. There are some exceptions if you are disabled, filing for a person who died during the application period, or a military member who was deployed overseas receiving hostile fire or imminent danger pay during the application period. Contact us for more information about these exceptions.

    • If I did not apply for a prior year for my child, can I apply now?

      Your child can apply for missed prior year dividends after he or she turns 18 years old or is emancipated but must apply before his or her 20th birthday. Contact us for more information.

    • Can my spouse and I file on one application?

      No. Individuals, including Adults and Children, are required to complete one application EACH. For example, a husband and wife with 3 children will submit a total of 5 applications. Applications submitted with the intent of being for more than one individual will only be considered for one applicant.
  • Changing address, name or Social Security number

    • Do I need to contact the PFD Division if I change my address?

      Yes! It is very important to contact the Division in writing of any change in your address. See below for instructions. If we have questions regarding your application or eligibility, we will send correspondence to the most current address on file. We do not send dividends to individuals who do not have a current address on file.

    • How do I change my address?

      Use our Address Change Form and follow all instructions. If the information on the form is incomplete or incorrect, the requested change will not be processed.

    • Will updating my address delay my check?

      No. Updating your address will ensure that you receive your dividend without delay. Checks will not be mailed to addresses where mail has been returned as undeliverable by the US Postal Service.

    • Will the U.S. Postal Service forward dividend checks?

      Yes, if your forwarding information is current and valid at the time the check was mailed.

    • Will dividend checks be mailed to out-of-state addresses?

      Yes. We mail checks to any valid address on file.

    • How do I change the name or Social Security number I gave on my application?

      Print the Adult Information Change/Addition Form or Child Information Change/Addition Form from our Forms page and mail the change request to: Permanent Fund Dividend Division, P.O. Box 110461, Juneau, AK 99811-0461.

    • The Social Security number and the name I provided on my application do not match Social Security Administration’s records and 28% of my dividend has been sent to the IRS. What can I do now?

      PFD cannot get the money back from the IRS once the 28% withheld amount is taken out of your PFD. Report the withheld amount on your Federal Tax Return as taxes you have already paid. The Permanent Fund Dividend Division does not provide tax advice. Contact the IRS by calling 1 (800) 829-1040, visit their website at http://www.irs.gov or contact a tax preparer for additional information on where and how to report the withheld amount.

  • Status of Dividend Application

    • How can I check the status of my dividend application?

      You may check the status of your dividend application at any time through "myPFDinfo". If you applied by paper, allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing before checking the status of your application.
  • Responding to Requests for Information and Documentation

    • How much time do I have to gather information requested by PFD once I am contacted?

      You have 30 days from the date of our request to provide all information requested by the division. Contact us if you need additional time to get the information being requested.

    • Can I get copies of documents or information that I provided PFD to process my application?

      Authorized individuals can receive certain information contained in a PFD file from the Division by completing a Request for Information Form available by contacting the division. An authorized individual is an adult applicant, someone who holds a Power of Attorney for an applicant, or the sponsor of a child. Information that can be released to an authorized individual include the PFD application and information contained in the application, requests sent by the Division to an applicant and the information contained in the request, PFD forms and information contained in the forms, IRS form 1099, denial letters, and payment and garnishment history information.

      Information that cannot be released by PFD, even if the applicant provided the information or copies to the Division includes, but is not limited to, information or documentation from Social Security Administration, Bureau of Vital Statistics, Division of Public Assistance, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Law, Department of Labor, Division of Motor Vehicles, Division of Elections, and Immigration and Naturalization Services.
  • Applications in Review or Denied Status

    • Why was my application selected for review?

      Your application is in review because we need to take a closer look at your residency and activities during the qualifying year. Applications for review are worked in the order they are received. You will hear from our review staff if additional information is required when your application is being worked.

    • If my application is selected for review, when will I get my dividend?

      If your application is approved before dividends are paid in the fall, you will be paid when direct deposits and checks are mailed. If your application is approved after the mass distribution, you will be paid in the monthly payment run after you are determined to be eligible. Our goal is to complete all eligibility determinations by December 31 of the dividend year. We make every effort to complete our eligibility determinations as quickly as possible.

    • What can I do if my dividend application is denied and I disagree?

      If your dividend application is denied, you will receive a letter from the PFD Division that explains why your application was denied. The denial letter will include a Request for Appeal form that you can complete if you disagree with either the facts or the application of the Statute and Regulations as stated in the letter. You must file a complete appeal request and submit the $25 appeal fee within 30 days from the date of the initial denial. If you qualify, you may request a waiver of the $25 appeal fee. Contact us if you need more information on how to qualify for a waiver of the appeal fee.

    • Is there anything I can do now if I forgot to file an appeal within the 30 day appeal period?

      You can still file an appeal; however, the first issue that we will address is why your appeal is late. Your eligibility will be reexamined only if we deem that you could not have filed an appeal within the 30 day period due to circumstances beyond your control.

  • Amount and Payment of Dividends

    • How much is the 2014 dividend?

      The 2014 dividend is $1,884.

    • How much is the 2013 dividend?

      The 2013 dividend is $900.

    • How is the dividend calculated?

      The amount of the dividend is calculated by dividing the amount available for distribution from the Permanent Fund earnings account by the number of eligible applicants. The calculation is based on a statutory formula under Alaska Statute 43.23.025 and is required by law to be announced by October 1.

    • When will I get my dividend?

      Applicants who qualified for direct deposit and were in eligible status by September 18, 2015 will receive their 2015 dividend October 1, 2015. Checks are mailed starting October 1, 2015.

      2015 Applications in eligible status after September 18, 2015 and prior year dividends are paid the third week of the month after the application is determined to be eligible. Check myPFDinfo for detailed information.

      Checks will not be mailed to addresses where mail has been returned as undeliverable by the US Postal Service. Keep a current mailing address on file with PFD.

  • Direct Deposit

    • Where can I Direct Deposit my dividend?

      We are excited to offer Direct Deposit to any financial institution that accepts ACH transactions! You can now request Direct Deposit to any financial institution regardless of where the financial institution is located or where the account was established. Provide the financial institution’s routing number and the account number on your application. You can verify your financial institution’s routing number at http://www.bankrouting.org/ or contact your financial institution directly.

    • Why do you need my bank routing number?

      You can now deposit your PFD into any bank that accepts ACH transactions. If you have questions about your account type, routing number or account number, contact your financial institution. See our Direct Deposit information for assistance on where to locate the required bank information for your PFD application.

    • If I use the same account my dividend was direct deposited to last year, do I need my financial institution’s routing number when I file this year?

      No. You can simply select same account as last year.

    • Why did I receive a letter from PFD asking for my Direct Deposit information again?

      You received the letter for one of the following reasons:

      • You were paid by check last year. (Even if you requested direct deposit)
      • You are filing for the first time as an adult. (We do not carry forward bank information from child applications)
      • Information provided with this year’s application was unclear or incomplete.
      • Information provided on your application was rejected by your bank.

      It is important that you return the completed form as soon as possible. To withdraw from Direct Deposit, select the Withdraw box on the form.

    • What do I do if my PFD is not in my bank account?

      • Check with your financial institution and ask them to check all of your bank accounts (checking, savings, closed accounts etc.) The bank may have deposited the funds into a different account than you requested on your application. If the bank is still unable to locate the funds, provide the bank ID number associated with your PFD deposit. Your PFD ID number with your bank is the last four numbers of your Social Security Number plus your ALN (Applicant Locator Number). Your ALN is available on our myPFDinfo webpage when you check your status. This number may help your bank locate funds.
      • If your bank rejected the Direct Deposit for any reason, you will receive a check by mail.
      • If your mailing address is not current on your application and we have received return mail, PFD will not release funds by Direct Deposit or by mail. Visit our Forms page and complete the Change of Address form.
      • If you have garnishments that were filed against your PFD, the entire PFD amount or a portion may have been paid to your creditors. Visit myPFDinfo to review any garnishments you may have.

    • Will a Financial Institution Direct Deposit my PFD into an account that does not have the applicant’s name on it?

      You will have to check with the financial institution. Each financial institution is different. PFD will provide direct deposit to the bank you indicate. We cannot verify if the account information you provided is valid or if the bank will allow you to Direct Deposit to a particular account.

  • Garnisheed or Assigned Dividends

    • How will I know if my Dividend was garnisheed?

      If your dividend was garnisheed a notice to debtor will be mailed to the address you have on file with PFD. The letter will contain contact information for the party or parties that garnisheed your dividend as well as information about how much of your dividend was garnisheed. You can also go to myPFDinfo to view deductions. Speaking with a PFD representative will not result in a reversal of these garnishments. The PFD Division cannot release the garnishments to your dividend without written permission from the garnisheeing party. Please contact the garnisheeing party or parties listed in your notice to debtor if you have further questions.

    • What can I do if my dividend check was garnisheed but should not have been?

      Contact the agency who garnisheed your dividend. The creditor's telephone number is listed on the letter sent by the PFD Division that notified you your dividend was garnisheed.

    • Why did the PFD Division deduct a processing fee from the amount garnisheed or assigned?

      The division charges a $2 processing fee for each assignment to cover administrative costs associated with handling and processing garnishments and assignments.

    • Can I recover the processing fee if I was incorrectly garnisheed?

      The processing fee can only be refunded if the PFD Division incorrectly accepted or processed a garnishment against your dividend. If the garnishment was properly served and processed, you will have to contact the government agency or individual who incorrectly garnisheed your dividend to recover the processing fee.

  • Lost, Stolen and Stale Dated Checks

    • What do I do if my check was lost?

      Contact us for assistance to place a stop payment on the check. After the stop payment paperwork is processed, a check will be reissued to the address on file.

    • What do I do if my check was stolen?

      Contact us for assistance to place a stop payment on the check and assistance.

    • What do I do if I have a check that is over 6 months old (stale dated)?

      Contact us for assistance. We will reissue a check to the address on file.

    • What if my check was returned to the PFD Division by the U.S. Postal Service?

      Contact us for assistance. We will reissue your dividend if you provide a current address.

  • Charitable Contributions FAQ's

  • UA College Savings Plan

    • Where can I get more information about the UA College Savings Plan?

      To learn more about the program or to contact the UA College Savings Plan visit http://www.uacollegesavings.com/public/ua529

    • When is the deadline to add or withdraw the UA College Savings from my PFD application?

      Electronic and paper requests to Add or Withdraw from the plan must be received or postmarked by August 31st in order to guarantee your request is processed.

    • I want to withdraw from UA College Savings. What do I have to do?

      If your dividend has not been distributed yet and it is before the withdrawal deadline of August 31, visit myPFDInfo and follow the steps to navigate to your application information. The option to withdraw is shown under Payment Status once you click on your Application Locator Number (ALN). You may also visit our forms page and download a withdraw form.

      If your dividend has been paid and 50% has already been sent to the UA College Savings plan, you will need to contact the UA College Savings plan administrator directly within 90 days of the initial contribution to get a refund.

      The College Savings Plan PFD Refund form is found at http://www.uacollegesavings.com/public/ua529/Tools-&-Resources/Forms-&-Documents. If you are seeking a refund 90 days after your dividend has been paid, the UA College Savings will provide instructions.

Disclaimer: Information posted on this website summarizes the Permanent Fund Dividend Program, is supplemental only, and does not supersede the applicable Statutes and Regulations.