Direct Deposit Information

Direct Deposit Instructions

Answer YES to question 7 on the Permanent Fund Dividend Application (online or paper applications).

If you have questions about your account type or account number, please contact your financial institution. Direct Deposit rules vary by financial institution. If you request direct deposit to an account that does not have your name on it, check the financial institution’s policy. Settlement of payments that have been rejected by the financial institution can be delayed 30 days or more.

If you received Direct Deposit in the prior year and want to use the same bank account select the option “same account as last year” and do not enter bank information.

Provide all bank information if you are:

  • Applying for the first time,
  • did not receive Direct Deposit last year or
  • just turned 18 and are completing an adult application for the first time

Provide the two character code from the list below that identifies your bank (not the bank routing number). Select the account type (checking or savings).

Direct Deposit is available only at the Financial institutions listed below

Bank & Credit Union Codes
Bank Codes A - F
Advancial FCUCF
Alaska Airlines Employees FCUC7
Alaska District Engineers FCUCA
Alaska Pacific BankBB
City of Fairbanks FCUCH
Credit Union 1CQ
Denali Alaskan FCUCG
Denali State BankBJ
First BankBM
First National Bank AlaskaBO
Bank Codes G - Z
Key Bank of AlaskaBR
Matanuska Valley FCUCS
Mt. McKinley BankBT
Northern Skies FCUCX
Northrim BankBY
Spirit of Alaska FCUCW
Tongass FCUCZ
True North FCUCC
Wells FargoBU

Providing your account number

Enter your account number starting at the left side of the account number box. Do not include letters in the account number. Do not include the routing number. For example, if your account number is 123-4567890, enter your account as:

check with the second set of numbers along bottom circled. (Checking Account Number)

Disclaimer: Information posted on this website summarizes the Permanent Fund Dividend Program, is supplemental only, and does not supersede the applicable Statutes and Regulations.