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WAIT! Before you inquire about your Dividend, check MyPFDInfo for information! You can get most of your PFD questions answered! You can check your status, find information about required items needed to complete your application, review payment disbursement, garnishments, deductions and method of payment.

  • Remember, PFD cannot provide assistance if your PFD has been garnisheed and you disagree. You must contact the garnisheeing agency directly.
  • Federal Law requires that PFD withhold 28% of the dividend and send it to the IRS if the name you provided on a PFD application does not exactly match your Social Security information.


To avoid delay in the processing of your PFD Application, update your mailing and physical address, phone numbers and email by submitting a change of information if they are not current. A form (PFD forms page - Address Change) can be submitted to make any changes.

BE ADVISED, it may take 10-14 days to receive a response (during high contact periods). Duplicate emails will only cause a delay.

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